Step 01: Login to the website with your credentials and / on the home page click on the left side top navigation button.

Step 02: Under the navigation button there are several Campaign types. . Click on the arrow present in the left side of the Work Campaign. Base and Select the campaign from there.

Step 03: Here are various details about the campaign including :

  • Analytics
  • Mail Sequences
  • Database
  • Activity
  • Settings

Click on the Mail Sequences option and click on the “Edit Email” . button.

Step 04: Email Edit page consist of various options and parameters to right a perfect email according to the campaign’s motive.

Paragraph = Changes the formatting (Heading 1, Heading 2, Normal )

  • B = Bold (ctrl + B)
  • I = italic (ctrl + I)
  • U = Underline (ctrl + U)
  • /S = Strikethrough (ctrl + S)
  • /T = Remove formatting

Step 05: Similarly, there are various align formatting options & also Order list and Unordered list option.

Step 06: Can Change the text color as well as the background color.

Step 07: Can Insert a Image, Attach a File as well as Add a link.

Step 08: Can Increase or Decrease the indent, Insert a Quote as well as Contains options to Undo or Redo.

Term (a): In the Right Side there is a Calculator which calculates the percentage or treating your mail as Spam.

Note : “if the percentage is high then the mail which you are sending will always be treated as a Spam to others”

Term (b): This is the suggestion/ Recommendation back which tracks the mail you are typing and suggests some more efficient way to type.

Step 9: Testing time!

Once the process is Done you’ll get to see a popup message in a Green Box which represents the Successful accomplishment of the mail to the tracker and Spam Calculator.

To Save the Email

  • There is a Save button present in the top right corner of the Email Editor Page Click on it and your Email will be Saved.