Merits of using Self Hosted Email Servers are:

These clients can be accessed through a local network or the internet. They can also be integrated with other email services.

Having a self-hosted email server ensures that all your communication will be private. This eliminates the risk of being exploited by third parties and sharing your personal information with advertisers.

You can also create multiple aliases for your email account without any additional cost. With open-source email servers, you can send unlimited emails.

With a self-hosted email server, you can control all of your mailbox’s settings and policies. It also allows you to customize settings according to your specific requirements.

Some of the best Self – Hosting Email Servers are:

Docker MailServer:

The Docker Mail Server is an open-source mail server that can be used to support various email services such as POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. It comes with only configuration files, and it can be upgraded easily.

It allows users to create custom rules for various applications, such as SpamAssassin and ClamAV, and it can automatically update them. The server uses self-signed certificates and lets-encrypt to ensure data security. It also comes with a variety of features, such as a setup script and a dedicated server.

The device you’re using should have 512MB and 1 vCore RAM. However, you should disable services such as ClamAV to run the server on a host that has 512MB of RAM. To ensure that the container performs well, you should set up a 1 Core processor and 2 GB of RAM.


IRedMail is an open-source email server that can be used with various operating systems such as CentOS, Red Hat, and OpenBSD.

IRedMail is an open-source email client that’s designed to work with Linux and BSD. It features a variety of features and functions, such as an easy-to-use web UI that allows users to filter and organize their emails.

It ensures that the emails are sent and received using secure connections, and encrypted in transit. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access your email.

With IRedMail, you can create unlimited email accounts and manage multiple domains, mailing lists, and users without worrying about the cost. Its security is also taken care of by keeping your personal data on your own hard disk.


Windows users can choose to use hMailserver, a free self-hosted email server, for commercial use. Its extendable source code can be accessed on the web. It can be used with any type of mail system that supports SMTP and IMAP.

HMailServer is a simple and effective way to set up a secure email system. Its administration tool allows users to add accounts and domains, customize settings, and virus scans.

This platform’s COM library can be used with other software, and it comes with pre-built security tools that prevent it from being used for spam sending.


With Dovecot, you can use a secure and easy-to-use IMAP server. It supports various file formats, such as Maildir and MBOX.

The server provides full transparency and compatibility with existing mailbox management tools. It also self-optimizes the indexes so that clients can easily find what they need.

With Dovecot, you can use various authentication mechanisms and databases. It also lets you migrate your email data from different POP3 and IMAP servers. Its security-focused design makes it easy to keep your data private.

Being an admin-friendly server, it can generate error messages that are easy to understand. Its current features can be further extended with plugins. For instance, you can add support for ACL and allocate quotas.

The server can fix any issue it encounters, and it does so while users are using it. It’s also possible to modify the indexes and mailboxes of different devices with just a couple of clicks.


The MailSlurper is a lightweight mail server that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses and individual developers to test the email functionality. It’s ideal for those who want to avoid the setup of a full-featured email server.

The easy-to-use interface of this server allows you to quickly check and search the messages sent using your applications. It can run on any type of device, including a small VM, a laptop, or commodity hardware.

It can handle thousands of concurrent connections and can run various databases, such as MSSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Its easy-to-use interface and support for multiple operating systems make it an ideal choice for testing email functionality.

It can run on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. Besides searching messages by subject, recipient, or content, MailSlurper also saves frequently-used terms.

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