Step 1: Go to Alore product page and Sign-up or Do a browser search of and you’ll be directed to the main home page of the Alore Sign-up page.

Step 2: Users will get redirected to the Sign-in or Sign-up Page of Alore where first time & new users will need to sign up. While repeat users will sign-in using email id or google account.

Step 3: If you already have an account , simply enter Sign in credentials using

a. Google / Microsoft account or b. Email address and password

Step 4: If you Don’t have an existing account, Click on “Register here”, and then Create an Account

Step 5: Register to the Website using your email address/google account/Microsoft account. Keep an eye on the password requirements as well.

Step 6: After successfully creating your account select the team with whom you want to work in your organization or Click on “I’ll Create my own team”

Step 7: Next, you’ll be directed to the invite page where you can invite others to join in or you can skip the **Step.

Step 8: All Set! Now a request to join will be sent to the admin. Wait till the Approval Process.

Admin Page

Step 1 (a): This is the Invite page which is only visible to Admin to send invites to others to join the team.

Step 1 (b): Else, As an Admin you can skip this Process for now.

Step 2: Next, When the new user sends a request to join in the org team. Then the admin of the team approves / declines the invitation.

Reset Password:

Step 1: Open Alore Sign-in Page & click on “Forgot Password? Click here”

Step 2: You have received a reset mail to your Registered Mail I’d.

Step 3: You’ll be Directed to the Reset Password Page. Set the password as for your convenience by remembering the password terminology.

Step 4: “Successfully reset“