Step 01: Login to the website using your login credentials and you’ll be directed to the main home page of the website.

Step 02: Go to any enlisted campaign or create a new campaign and click on the setting option.

Step 03: Click on the “Integrate” button – if it’s not already integrated you will see an error message

Step 04: A popup dialogue box will appear for integrating the account. Users can integrate the email for running a campaign using google, outlook and other email services.

Step 05: Select the account and grant access to the website to integrate the mail I’D to the campaign.

Step 06: Once done with the authentication, Your mail i’d is integrated to the campaign. Success! – you are ready to track your email campaigns now

Re-Integrating and Email into a Campaign

Step 01: In the setting option of the Campaign page here and an email is already integrated into a campaign.

Step 02: Click on the “Re-integrate” button present in the “Mail Integration” option and Confirm the Unlinking already integrated mail I’D.

Step 03: Once, the Unlinking is completed follow the above given similar linking process. Success!