Step 01: Sign in to “GoDaddy” (DOMAIN CONTROL CENTER).

Step 02: Select the domain to access in the Domain Settings Panel.

Step 03: Select “Manage DNS” (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM) to access the oriented file.

Step 04: Click on the “Add” option to create/add a new Record.

Step 05: Choose TXT from the Type Menu option.

PF Records are a type of TXT Record.

Step 06: Fill up the details for the SPF Records:

  • Name: Host name for the record.
    • Type: @ for attaching the spf record in the root domain.
    • Enter a Prefix name example: “” etc.
  • Value: The SPF rule is used to indicate that certain types of mail can only be sent from your mail server. For instance, if you enter v=spf1 mx -all, then all of your emails will be allowed from your mail server.
    • SPF records must have fewer than 512 characters
    • Only UTF-8 characters are supported.
  • TTL (Time to Live): Talks about the server’s capacity to hold cache Information.
    • By default, the time is 1 hour.

Step 07: Click on “Add Record” to save a new SPF Record.