How to Sign up:

Step 1: Go to the and click on the Sign up option. You’ll be directed to the Sign up page of Blaze.

Step 2: Create an Account using proper terms and conditions enlisted or sign – up to using Google or Microsoft account.

Step 3: Signing up to the blaze and verifying the account details.

Step 4: After signing up you’ll be asked to join a team or make your own team & invite your team if you want or else skip the **Step and move forward.

How to Sign in:

Go to the and Click on Sign in option and then enter your login credentials and login you’ll be directed to the home page of Blaze.

What is Work Campaign Base:

These campaigns are public campaigns. All the members of the organization can have a look at the campaign details and also carry the rights to customize it.

Step 01: When you logged in to the Blaze click on the navigation button present in the left top corner of the website and click on the Work Campaign Base.

Step 02: Here click on any campaign and there is a detailed information about the campaign.

Step 03: Here Click on the “Warmup Check” and here you can check details including:

-> Mail Sent -> Reply Sent -> Including details of each Date ( Inbox, spam, category, total sent.)

-> At the top right corner there are options to “Reset”, “Pause”, “Share with teammates or guests”, “ Delete the Campaign”.

Step 04: Next, Click on the Domain Check Option and it contains the details about the campaign Domain Health Check which includes:

-> Problems -> Blacklist Mail -> Server Web -> Server DNS

Step 05: Next, There is Settings and there you can Check the details including:

-> Mail Integrated -> Daily reports -> Weekly reports -> Email notification -> Importantly there is an option of warmup settings where you can customize the mail sent, Daily increase in volume, Email signature.

What is My Campaign Base:

It’s a personal space for the account holder here you can create a campaign for yourself it’ll not be visible to other members of the Blaze.

Step 01: Click on the notification button present in the left top corner and then click on the “My Campaign Base” option. There are campaigns available which have already been created by the account holder.

Step 02: Click on any campaign and you’ll be able to watch the campaign progress and other details including:

-> Warmup Check -> Domain Check -> Settings

What is My Favorite:

Here you can pin your favorite or important campaign for you and similarly you can work on it.

Step 01: Click on the navigation button hand Select “My Favorite Campaign” from there and click on the campaign available there and you’ll be directed to that Selected campaign’s detailed page.