Step 1: Go to the database option of the particular campaign (Considering the data is already uploaded.)

Step 2: There are three options given which are:

-> Add a filter
-> Sort the data in:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

-> Download Option

Step 3: Click on Add filter Option and Select the category in the column on whatever behalf the filter will be applied on the data. It Includes:

-> Email
-> Alore ID -> First Name
-> Last Name

Step 4: Secondly, Select the appropriate word phrase from the pre-enlisted sets of words from the second drop-down box.


-> Contains
-> Does Not Contain
-> Is
-> Is not
-> Is Empty
-> Is not Empty

Step 5: Thirdly, Enter the appropriate detail according to the selected criteria ( chosen in the previous two **Steps ) And Click on the “Press to filter” the button.

Step 6: For adding another filter criteria click on the “Add new Filter” Button in the “Add a filter” Option option and Enter the criteria in it accordingly.