Step 01: Go to the and Sign in to blaze using your login Credentials and you’ll be directed to the home page of the website.

Step 02: Click on the navigation button present in the top left corner on the home page. There is an option of creating a “new warming campaign” Click on it and fill the appropriate details including:

-> Name of the Campaign
-> Base
-> Emoji
-> Color

Step 03: Click on the navigation button present in the left top corner of the campaign home page. Click on it and go to the “Work Campaign” or “My Campaign Base” click on any campaign available and go to the settings of the campaign. Settings include :

-> Warmup Settings
-> Mail Integrated
-> Daily Reports
-> Weekly Reports

Step 04: Here in the settings. There are options of “Daily Report” & “Weekly Report” about the campaign, link your mail to it and get the updates.