What is Blaze used for?

It is an Online Email Warmer which helps in generating real engagements for warm – up users email address without any manual interferences. It’s a more easy and compatible server which effortlessly works as a Real – time Email warmer.

Steps login/signup your account in Blaze.


  1. Open blaze.alore.io in your search browser you’ll be directed to the home page of the blaze website.
  2. On the top right corner there is a sign in option, click on that and you’ll be directed to the login page.

  1. Sign In/ Login:

-> If you already have signed in and have an account on the blaze account then you can directly login from your credentials.
-> If you don’t have any account, Register yourself by clicking on the Create new account Option.

  1. After logging in you’ll be at the main page of the website where you’ll be seeing various campaigns and can see the status of the Campaigns either they are Paused or Active.

  2. Here, If we click on an active campaign we can see the proper status, working, Number of mails sent, Number of mails which have to be sent in total. As well as a graph which shows the statics of mails sent & reply mail:

    -> To sent
    -> Category
    -> Inbox
    -> Spam

  3. Further, there is Domain Health Check option which includes other properties:

-> DNS (Domain Name System)
-> Blacklist
-> Mail – Server
-> Web – Server

Including Host names and the Problem caused list.

  1. Next, there is a Settings tab which includes information about the user’s profile such as:

-> The mail which is integrated.
-> Daily Reports Add the mail id on which you want to send the daily updates about the campaign.
-> Weekly Reports

Similar to Daily reports but here the reports will be sent on weekly bases.

  1. Next we have Warmup Settings

-> Import specially before starting a campaign
-> Here we have some different options which are customizable it includes:

  • Daily mail:
    • Fix number of increase in mails sent per day, Likely it would be between 2 – 50 where it can go upto 300 warmup mails per day.
  • Label Name:
    • This name let the campaign holder understand the proper working and makes it allows the holder to track & navigate the mails sent easily.
  • Signature:
    • This signature part ensures the proper campaign holder name with proper authentication and the campaign details.
  1. Provide the Campaign name & Choose any emoji from the drop-down box and you are good to go! Your Campaign is Active now!

Some Addition Changes:

-> Changing/Re-integrating a Mail ID
-> Go to the setting option of the campaign whose integrated mail id you want to change.
-> Click on the Re-integrate option and delete the account.
-> After that, Click on the integrate option shown on the screen and integrate any of your mail id by entering the required credentials and completing the authentication process.

-> Once the mail I’d get integrated a pop-up dialog box will appear asking to customize the warmup settings of the campaign and Activating the campaign by clicking on Save & start the campaign.


Blaze only sends the mail to the community sections so that all the users who are signed up for the blaze gets the emails for the campaign. A user can easily pause or reset and delete campaigns.